Personal Training

Do you find training boring, all that running and effort without any fun? Would you like to put the fun back into your training program whilst achieving your fitness/weight loss goals in a fun way?

Well our Sportsfit Australia program may be perfect for you. We combine sport development with personal training to create a custom made sports training program for your individual needs. It doesnít matter what skill level youíre at, we will work with you to create a fun training session that enables you to meet your fitness goals. The program includes sports drills, skills and fun games from a variety of sports of your choice, whilst at the same time delivering on your fitness goals. Our program allows you to train either on your own or with friends - itís totally up to you. The range of sports used in training includes, Soccer, Australian Football, Cricket, Basketball, Softball, Badminton, and lots more! Our staff can also offer great nutritional advice to assist you with keeping a healthy and balanced diet.

Training Sessions are held outdoor, we are happy to come to a location of your choice.

Prices Per Hour1 person2 people3 people4 People